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Add-on Apps

In order to further enhance your total e-commerce solution we offer a variety of different "add-ons" which can become a part of your entire system. These add-ons can increase the value to your overall webstore offering and many of them are designed specifically to enhance the online customer experience, boost satisfaction and maximize retention.

Add-on Apps - Gift Cards / E-Coupons

Whether you choose to send out e-mail coupons or place redeemable gift cards directly inside shipments, so long as your front-end has the capacity to accept them as a tender we handle the rest. All card and coupon activity is tracked and maintained as part of the web customer CRM data affording you the opportunity to track and react to each and every campaign on an individual level or as a whole.


Add-on Apps - Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty and retention are more important now than ever before. With so many choices available to consumer’s online retailers need as many advantages as possible in order to keep their existing online customers and gain new ones with as little attrition as possible. Therefore, we offer services that help tailor a loyalty program that not only suits your needs, but more so, those of your online customers. Because most web businesses are somewhat unique we work together with you to put in place a program that works.

Add-on Apps - Credit Module

For those clients who wish to establish their own credit card offering, e‑comDrive's Credit Module not only creates and maintains the client credit account, but can also issue personalized monthly invoices, detect and quarantine delinquent accounts, apply service fees, manage receivables and much more.

Add-on Apps - Mobile Marketing

Our Mobile Marketing in the form of (SMS) text messaging allows e‑tailers to instantly engage "Consumers in Motion". You can create targeted marketing campaigns that promote special offers, upcoming web events and much more. These direct messages are an effective means to drive customers back to your site, again and again. This marketing tool also features contests and consumer polls, providing you with valuable insight on customer preferences, site experiences and important feedback.

Add-on Apps - Wholesale

For those e-tailers who also run a wholesale business we provide a complete wholesale system that handles everything from sales orders through to collection. With special features such as open-to-sell status, client discounts, agent remuneration and collection management and much more, our wholesale system offers the complete package you need to run a successful wholesale operation.

Add-on Apps - Back Office POS

Should you ever require a POS station to handle "brick and mortar" sales such as a warehouse sale (common amongst wholesalers) then we already have a fully integrated POS system that can be up and ready when and where you require it. Sales such as these are maintained as a separate location so that history, tracking, accounting and performance can all be achieved without affecting your web sales.

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