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"Data is one thing; it's what you can do with it that counts."

As an ecommerce retailer you are inundated with volumes of information on your customers, products suppliers and overall productivity more than ever before, and making sense of that data can be a daunting task. E-comDrive ecommerce Analytics gathers real-time information and provides you with the tools you need to compile understand and report on your data so that you can transform it into measureable, actionable, market driven results. With e-comDrive’s e-commerce analytics you can isolate and identify key customer and product attributes so that you can optimize your inventory based on product performance and anticipated trend. E-comDrive assists you in drawing actionable conclusions so that you can define, plan and align your performance goals and objectives.

Analytics - On-Demand Reporting

e-comDrive reporting delivers instant insight into your web operations and allows you to explore and report on data quickly so that you can respond to key issues as they unfold. Customized pre-configured reports with a built-in scheduler can give you instant access to information such as inventory counts, top selling products, purchase patterns, cycle performance and much more. Viewing and reviewing data is a question of choice, so we provide multiple ways of seeing your data, so whether on screen, in a pivot, a graph or on a printed report, the data is always up-to-date and relevant.


Analytics - Advanced Report Writer

The e-comDrive Analytics system comes pre-configured with a myriad of reports covering all aspects of your online business, but we go a step further and provide a highly advanced report writer/editor that lets you choose the data, the format and even the colors if so desired. Because everyone looks at their business differently we have provided the tools to allow you to create your own custom reports and even schedule them to be printed when you need them.

Analytics - Productivity and Key Metrics

In ecommerce, logistics, productivity and exceptions are the master metrics upon which you are able to access your successes and your areas for improvement. As a result, our e-commerce analytics system not only maintains a very broad scope of data, but can provide it to you in a manner that pinpoints all areas that require attention. Speed, efficiency and cost are critical areas and our e-commerce analytics Productivity and Key Metrics Component ensures that you have all of the vital data available to you and in a format that leads to improved decisions, reduced operating costs and increased revenues.

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