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Ecommerce Planning

"Success is the definitive result of a well‑executed plan."

Planning, the essential element

We believe that "planning" is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. This is why we offer tools that help make intelligent planning the first step to your success. Planning helps keep you on schedule, makes it easier to recognize success, as well as, areas in need, and most importantly, provides an essential focus that acts as your roadmap for growth and profitability.


Now How Where

Planning - Open-to-Buy

Fully-integrated to the centralized database, our Planning - Open‑to‑Buy offers the flexibility, dynamic controls and user-definable views to seamlessly handle your merchandise planning in units, dollars and/or at cost, down to sub-class. With built-in graphing capabilities, top-down or bottom up allocation and a myriad of performance indicators, our Open‑to‑Buy takes planning to the next level and empowers your online business to make profitable buying decisions and achieve consistent growth.

Planning - Web Store Budgets

Whether you have one or multiple sites our web store sales budgeting component provides an extremely user friendly environment that lets you set your planned online sales objectives for the year, month, week or even down to the daily level. You can also set and monitor objectives for critical KPI's such as Average Units per Transaction, Hourly Sales and even Conversion Rate. Additionally, added features such as a "Quick View" Dashboard, Graphing, Comparative Analysis and even the ability to add visible icons to Annotate Events for historical reference or future notation. This highly advanced yet easy to use Planning – Web Store Budgeting Component is an invaluable tool to set and monitor the progress of the most crucial aspect of your online business, sales!

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