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Ecommerce WMS

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Logical Customer-Centric Logistics

We fully understand that in an ecommerce environment the related logistics, speed and accuracy of web order shipments are the metrics by which client satisfaction and retention are achieved. In other words, efficiency is the new benchmark. It is on this premise that we have leveraged our over 15 years of ERP solutions experience to offer online retailers an integrated warehouse management system that streamlines fulfillment processes, maximizes efficiencies and provides the controls to ensure cost effective results.

A Fully Integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our ecommerce Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a fully integrated part of the overall e-comDrive solution and does not require any additional expense for integration. Designed from the ground up to reduce processing time and increase accuracy, the WMS offers practical and logical functionality within a scalable framework. The warehouse management system offers the possibility of being as hands-off or hands-on as required and allows the user to decide the touch points and where and when they should occur throughout the web order processing cycle. This flexibility, coupled with complete integration front to back, is what makes our WMS faster, easier and more accurate.

WMS - Location Management

From physical layout planning through bin assignment and management the ecommerce WMS provides the means to not only control how your warehouse will be laid out, but more importantly, where your merchandise is to be stored and picked from. The Warehouse Management System - Location Management component is used from assigned put-away through to picking, as well as, bin replenishment and secondary location assignment. For greater efficiency the location management component aids in the put-away process by considering bin capacity prior to assigning the location. In order to optimize space utilization the system can be instructed to house more than one product in a given bin/location. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with smaller items that do not require their own bin. The bottom line is that our Warehouse Management System - Location Management component allows you to optimize the use of the space within your warehouse saving you time and money.

Ecommerce Warehouse Management System Features

WMS - Inventory Control

Knowing exactly where your stock is located is paramount to saving time and effort when processing online orders. We understand that time is costly and inaccuracy even more so, that is why our ecommerce Warehouse Management SystemInventory Control Component maintains constant track of all inventories and their specific location at all times. Whether goods are at the arrival dock, in a secondary pick location or in a box awaiting shipment you are always in control. To aid in keeping your inventory accurate the WMS – Inventory Control Component provides the audit tools to perform SKU, product, bin location or complete physical counts at any time, thus ensuring a means of maintaining inventory accuracy and preventing shrink.

WMS - Optimized Pick, Pack & Ship

Our ecommerce Warehouse Management System - Optimized Pick, Pack and Ship offers you variable pick methods including pick by order, wave, batch, shipping group and or priority, each designed to offer you the appropriate selection dependent on the situation, workforce availability, stock location, order volume or other pertinent criteria that you can pre-determine and effect based on rules that you can set and maintain. RF handhelds are fully supported and offer the greatest flexibility and productivity regardless of the picking method. Each step in the pick, pack and ship process is tracked and is used to reinforce accuracy and completeness as well as ensure that the shortest cycle time is achieved for each and every web order. With carrier integration shipment notifications can be recorded and sent directly to the client so that they can be notified that their online purchase is on its way.

WMS - Productivity Monitoring

The ecommerce Warehouse Management System monitors and maintains data on all steps throughout the fulfillment cycle enabling the users to gain access to critical information through sophisticated reporting tools that pinpoint exactly where both efficiencies and inefficiencies lie. These tools monitor everything from individual employee productivity to overall performance including exception management. Simply put, the ecommerce Warehouse Management SystemProductivity Monitoring Component provides the information you need to ensure the highest efficiency at the lowest cost.

WMS - Client Centric Processes

Because the WMS is fully integrated to the rest of the back office systems, client-centric information and or actions can be included into the overall process. Information can be obtained directly from the CRM, Promotional Manager or pre-determined system rules and whether it is to tag a priority web order, ship to an alternate address, include personalized notes with gift purchases or send regular updates to clients as to the status of their online orders, these actions go a long way to improving the customer experience. The system provides the means to include client marketing directly into the fulfillment process which takes an order and turns it into a marketing opportunity.

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