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With e-comDrive CRM you will gain a 360° view of your customer so that you can reward your loyal customers, stay in touch with them and drive sales with targeted marketing campaigns.


"CRM is the sales associate of e‑Tail."

The connected consumer is sophisticated, educated and knows exactly what he or she wants and providing an exceptional online customer experience is essential to maintaining positive relationships with your customers. E-comDrive brings Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into the back-office; capturing customer data so that you can personalize on-line offers, differentiate your brand and build your customer loyalty. With ecommerce Customer Relationship Management you can ensure that the on-line experience is engaging and that the customer demand is met.

CRM - Customer Centric Marketing

Online shoppers are savvier than ever and take the time to search product and comparative shop for the best possible bargain. E‑comDrive CRM gives you the tools you need to capture your customer’s on-line shopping behaviors so that you can provide a personalized on‑line shopping experience by delivering individualized marketing promotions and/or product recommendations based on past purchases. Retaining your online customer and engaging them with the right offers, products and service will ultimately decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate and increase your average online order and revenue per web visit.

CRM - Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service can be what positively separates you from your competitors. Query based searches allow you to sub‑select online customers based on attributes so that you can deliver specific personal messages and marketing campaigns that actually cater uniquely to them. For example your online customer makes its third purchase from you in a month and you want to reward them with ten dollars off their next purchase, e-comDrive ecommerce Customer Relationship Management identifies this customer and allows you to insert the offer along with a personalized note directly into the shipping box.


CRM - Cross Channel Marketing

E-comDrive CRM for ecommerce provides the visibility you need to effectively communicate and re-market directly to past online visitors by delivering cross-channel marketing initiatives using email, mobile and social avenues. By leveraging our Mobile Marketing you will be able to send instant messages that promote targeted marketing campaigns, special offers, upcoming web events and much more. With e-comDrive CRM you can track and stay in touch with your most valuable customers so that you can reward them with offers that keep them coming back.

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