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Order Management

"Within Order Management, it is the Decision Engine that turns tasks into efficiencies."

Our e-commerce Order Management is the cornerstone of e-comDrive's fully integrated back-office. It provides comprehensive, scalable and flexible order lifecycle management functionality that seamlessly supports your entire web order operation from procurement through to shipment. e-comDrive's Order Management consists of a suite of components that allows for the streamlining of all buying, selling and fulfillment processes; resulting in an efficient and cost effective work flow process. Being integrated to the entire back office results in a management system that ensures that order processing is not only optimized, but functions in unison with everything the system has to offer from Customer Relationship Management(CRM) through Fulfillment all the way to Accounting.

Order Management - Gateway

Our e-commerce Gateway is the vital link between your web store and all of your back-office functions. It is via this gateway where all critical data is exchanged with your front-end enabling you to both provide the information required to populate your website, as well as, being the receptacle for all inbound online orders. The e-commerce gateway is configurable and can accept and exchange data either through shared access tables, FTP or a direct API. There is virtually no limit to the amount and type of data that can be exchanged or shared and everything is designed to be seamless and in real time.

Order Management - Decision Engine

The decision engine is the most important aspect of the order management process, as it is designed to allow you to achieve your business objectives of effectively managing and validating your online orders by setting and applying rules and conditions that you define. Whether its product availability, client specific instructions, shipping verifications, or other processing rules, the order management decision engine governs the way you handle your online orders and insures the rapid and accurate release of your product with as little human intervention as possible. From web order capture to validation and fulfillment the Order Management - Decision Engine also offers you the ability to manage the touch points throughout processing so that you determine the level of intervention you require.

e-comDrive Order Management Features

Order Management - Order Fulfillment

The web order fulfillment functionality allows you to manage, track and control the entire cycle from start to finish so that you can provide "Direct-to-Consumer" (D2C) order fulfillment that ensures greater efficiencies and higher customer satisfaction. Online orders can be filled automatically based on a combination of pre-determined rules as well as being tracked in real-time, saving time and effort, minimizing costs and securing customer loyalty.

Order Management - Product & Vendor Management

Create and define products and vendors, assign sizing, colors, prices and set conditions that determine the manner in which your inventory and its suppliers are to be managed. The Order Management – product and vendor management component has extensive functionality that allows you to sort, filter, analyze and report on everything from product performance to vendor ROI.

Order Management - Exception Management

The e-commerce Order Management - exception management component allows you to set exception rules whereby if any of the criteria is not met the online order will be automatically flagged for review prior to moving on to the next step in the fulfillment process. Whether it is incomplete information, fraud alerts, special instructions, or other conditions pertinent to the order, the OM - exception management component ensures that you are in control at all times and that you are able to address web orders that require review.

Order Management - Price & Promotional Management

When it comes to managing pricing and promotions our system sets and tracks prices and price changes throughout time. The promotional rules engine provides a highly advanced, yet easy to use tool that lets you setup and affect multi-tiered online promotions based on "if this, then that" logic, making the possibilities virtually endless. Gross Margin, GMROI, Performance by Price and other KPI's are all available to aid in your price management.

Order Management - Inventory Management

Managing your most valuable asset is paramount to a successful and profitable business. Our e-commerce order management - inventory management component offers detailed reporting, status updates, real‑time inventory location and full physical inventory functionality. Whether monitoring current inventory position, planning for and acting upon OTB budgets or taking stock in your warehouse, the system supplies all of the tools you will need to stay on top of your inventory, and because of full integration the same inventory information is available across all components.


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