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E-commerce Accounting

"Accounting counts for more than just beans."

Our fully-integrated accounting for online retailers is feature rich and e-tail centric. Whether, you run multiple sites, maintain books for multiple companies and or deal in multiple currencies, the e-comDrive system has been designed to offer all of the functionality that you would need in an accounting solution and it requires no bridging as it uses the same single source database as the balance of the system, thus ensuring accuracy, streamlined processes and maximum control over your entire online business.

Accounting - Tri-dimensional GL

Our tri-dimensional G/L does away with the need for segmented account numbers. The G/L is divided in two separate units, master grouping levels for financial reporting and tri-dimensional G/L accounts. Within each account "n" number of departments can be created thus allowing you to view either summarized data or explode them down to the lowest level. Financial reports can be produced for any of the levels within a source or for the entire company by grouping various sources on demand the user can produce P&L reports by pre-set groupings or random selections on the fly.

Accounting - Invoice Matching

Managing payments can be a daunting and time consuming task which is why our Accounting module includes automated invoice matching. Furthermore the Accounting system not only allows for full automation, but when there is a discrepancy you can instantly drill down to the line level detail of any purchase order and make adjustments based on the most accurate of information.

E-commerce Accounting Features

Accounting - Auto Bank Reconciliation

Cash audit offers complete drill down features (down to individual invoices), with the click of a button you can post to the G/L daily web sales, deposits and sundry expense transactions and generate all related outstanding deposits. The accounting system uses an automated module to import transaction files via the internet and performs all Bank Reconciliations automatically. This feature eliminates times consuming tasks and does away with errors related to manual information processing between separate software.

Accounting - Expense Allocation

Our highly flexible accounting solution provides the ability to create rules for expense allocation that can be performed on a one-off or even monthly basis. This powerful allocation component can reallocate expenses to accounts based on pre-defined criteria allowing for rapid expense distribution and precise P&L reporting.

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